Custom-made Detox Program

Some Results Experienced by My Clients from the programs below:

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Confidence
  • Decreased Stress
  • Better/Positive Mood
  • Weight Loss/Weight Management
  • More Fit Bodies
  • Glowing Skin
  • Decreased Sugar Cravings


This program will get you started with a Detox/Cleanse which includes:

  • A brief evaluation of your health (where you are currently and where you want to be)
  • A report with recommendations on how to QUICKLY start your way to a Healthier YOU.
  • Included in this custom-made detox report: Shifting of mindset; helpful tips that can be applied to your daily routine right away; Methods of lowering your stress levels which you can apply to your everyday work life immediately and reap the benefits of improving your overall health; Jumpstart detox recipes and recommendations; Detox herbal supplements that will accelerate your health mission.
  • Two 30 Minute follow-up (coaching calls)
  • Your answers to your nutritional questions specific for your body and health concerns.


Empowered Health Secrets 30 Day Program (90 Day program also available)

This program is created for You in 3 Stages:

Stage 1: Decoding your health history:

  • I will provide you with a Health History Decoding Form which will help me laser focus on the methods needed to serve you and your specific health needs in an optimal manner.
  • I will reveal to you the secrets of attuning to your body’s natural signals, which will allow you to raise your energy level and control your weight and balance your mood with the right nutrients that are not just satisfying but also sustainable.

Stage 2: Get Out of your Own Way:

  • In this stage, we will go through all the barricades that are keeping you from achieving your ultimate health goals: Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Together, we will peeling away each obstacle, layer by layer, until the long lasting solutions is revealed to you.
  • This is where the Transformation begins.

Stage 3: Your Custom-made blueprint of your holistic lifestyle:

I will give you the exact step by step strategy I used to transform myself into the holistic person that I am today. The Blue Print will include the following—YOUR HEALTH BIBLE MANUAL:

  • 5 Coaching Sessions (half hour each)
  • Menus of delicious foods that are not just pleasing to the palate but essential for your health. These will be emailed to you weekly to make your life EASY and Stress-Free
  • Hormone balancing recipes
  • 30 Day Detox Menu for slow detoxing so as to avoid side effects
  • List of Alkaline Foods, Acidic & Neutral Foods (A PH Balance of the Gut is essential for achieving good health)
  • Nuts & Seeds (which ones are more useful and easier on the GI Tract and which ones give you maximum benefits)
  • Food Intolerance and Food Allergies (they are different)
  • Food Combination Chart
  • Smoothie Menu
  • Juicing Menu
  • Cooked & Raw Food Menu
  • Home-made Nut Milk
  • And much more….


  • Kitchen Appliance Recommendations
  • Best Appliance Brands
  • Supplemental Foods for your bio-individual Body

If you need more information about the programs above, please feel free to contact me at: parisa@empoweredhealthsecrets.com.