What others are saying about having worked with Parisa…

Jamee-TenzerBefore working with Parisa, I was wishing I had more energy to give to my writing, and other projects. As a working mother, I am always looking for ways to optimize my health and well-being Parisa shared her expertise and made some terrific nutritional suggestions that made a significant difference in the level of energy I have each day for work and family.

I definitely recommend Parisa to anyone who is interested in learning how to make small changes that result in tangible results.

Thank you,
Jamee Tenzer,PCC
Professional Coach for Working Moms

Mel-MacklinMy first experience with Parisa was when I heard that she was giving a talk on the subject of Holistic Health. I had been interested in making healthier choices for myself and for my family for sometime.

I heard Parisa speak on the subject and was impressed with her knowledge but also with the practical tools that she offered at the talk where we could implement them into our lives right away. She made samples of her green smoothies and showed us different ways of implementing nutrition into our lives without sacrificing too much time.

Parisa is passionate about health and shares every bit of her education and lifetime experience with others.

Thank you,
Mel Ladia Macklin
HomeSmart Professional Partners Realty 134 W. Olive Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016

PaulineWhat was the biggest challenge for you in your health before you started working with Parisa?

Before working with Parisa my biggest challenge was getting rid of the products that I have used for years that have always been good old faithfuls. Knowing what I know, I had to do away with them, i.e. cow’s milk, diet soda, artificial sweeteners, sweetened creamers… all of these have been like that old friend that you have known for over 20 yrs that is familiar and comfortable but deep down inside you know having them around is detrimental to your health, literally!

What has helped me eliminate my health challenges was found in the wonderful alternatives that Parisa has provided in her manual. Parisa should write a book! Her recipes are amazing. I have incorporated almond milk as a staple in our home, as well as done away with all soda’s and replaced them with wonderful smoothies.

So far, I have implemented Parisa’s Empowered Healthy eating program which includes her: snack, lunch and dinner ideas that are truly working for my family. My children love the raw pasta and the raw bars. The avocado sandwich is delicious! Having implemented some of Parisa’s recipes has helped me with increased energy and has helped me maintain my body weight.

Parisa is more than knowledgeable about nutrition and our health. Her unique healthy recipes are endless. She is very passionate about her program, and rightfully so! Anyone that tries it will understand the priceless benefit they will be receiving in their lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have enlightened me with. I truly feel blessed that our paths have crossed.

Much Love,
Pauline Williams

Rahja-OyakeOverall, I just did not have the level of health awareness that I currently have. After I met Parisa and she enlightened me about all things holistic, I was able to apply the information she shared with me into caring for my family and myself.

Thanks to Parisa, my husband and I go on raw food regimens often–and we always feel so much lighter and better. In addition, The Sunrider products recommended by her, have benefited my family immensely. My child who was diagnosed in mid 2009 with high functioning autism has made amazing strides, thanks to Parisa’s suggestions of dietary changes and other natural methods of healing that made my child triumph.

Parisa has been in the know for a long time (before the raw food/wellness craze began). Thanks to her, I got to be a part of the early-bird circle of people who were hip to this before everyone else got on the healthy bandwagon–as I met her in 2009. Shortly after receiving her consultation, I started my family on the products she recommended and began juicing and eating a lot more raw foods.

I am truly indebted to Parisa for sharing her infinite wisdom in wellness with me. She is my key go-to person when I really need perspective. I am grateful to have her in my life.

I will continue to seek her out for any future health advice I may need. I highly recommend that you consult this Empowered Healthy Woman, Parisa Banks, for any concerns you may have. You will be delighted to see your transformation, once you apply her guidelines.

With Gratitude,
Rahja Oyake (Realtor)

Shanaz-RahmanianWhen I first started trying to lose weight I had absolutely no idea about nutrition. So I fell into the trap that most people fall into. I drastically cut my calories and tried to exercise as much as humanly possible. I was afraid of food and had no idea what my body needed to function properly.

Working with Parisa I attained 2 very important things. One is I was able to understand nutrition in a much better light. Through her program and helpful hints I was able to understand what my body needed to make a positive change. She also helped put my mind at ease. I wasn’t so scared of everything I ate and understood that my body needed those things to survive. I am now three years into my weight loss and while I have fluctuated somewhat I have not gone back to the way I was before.

I feel that I have a much more sensible outlook on not just food, but life in general. Everything that Parisa taught me are tools that I know will help me the rest of my life.

Parisa is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her dedication to her work is incomparable. She spends a great deal of time listening to her clients and what their concerns are. She takes a personal approach to each person she deals with, and that is very comforting. I had gone to people before that just gave me a generic meal plan, but with Parisa I had one that catered to my specific needs.

Shanaz Rahmanian, Accounting Student at CSUF

Nova-RavenWhere do I begin? I first learned about Parisa and her Holistic Health Coaching and Consultation practice at one of her talks in Los Angeles. When she talked about how our bodies function and how we all have the ability to regenerate our bodies through cleansing the different systems of the body and giving nutrients to those systems, I felt inspired to learn more; so I set up a couple of consultation appointments with her.

At the time, I had a challenge with my endocrine system and after my consultation with Parisa, we were able to pin point a few items in my diet that were causing an imbalance in my endocrine (hormonal) system. We minimized my meat intake and emphasized the importance of consuming only organic meat and she emphasized the importance of eating more plant diets. Although she truly believes in vegetarianism, she creates programs that are designed for YOUR body only.
We were able to help bring my hormonal system into a more balanced one.

I am so glad that we were able to consult and figure out how to better balance my body.

Nova Raven

ChitraAlthough I have been a vegetarian most of my adult life and thought I had a pretty healthy diet, I suffered from chronic stomach intestinal digestive issues and heartburn, which was “controlled” by my conventional doctors with Antacids and other over-the-counter Acid Reflux medications which resulted in temporary relief.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Parisa was able to educate me about how to get to the root of the problem by analyzing the cause of my issue. She not only coached me on how to heal by way of having the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit but also truly educated about what I was eating, the times that I was eating those meals and the combination of the food that I was consuming.

Now, I rarely have digestive issues and my level of energy has significantly increased. I don’t have to suffer from digestive issues, I feel energized, and feel empowered to be healthy.

The life changing knowledge I have gained through Parisa’s direction and coaching has also brought health and healing to my children. Through Parisa’s guidance, my youngest child’s food allergies were identified and her health restored in a matter of a couple weeks. My older child has gained so much education in the field of health and well being that her second grade teacher commented on how extensive my daughter’s vocabulary and knowledge is about diet and nutrition. Neighbors laugh as my four year old tells them about “antioxidant” foods while eating blueberries, red beans, and artichokes!

With gratitude,
Dr. Chitra Golestani Maghzi, Ph.D. Social Science & Comparative Education, Los Angeles, CA

KeithI had an opportunity to consult with Parisa several times regarding my severe acid reflux and intestinal issues I was having at the time. Parisa gave me some helpful recipes for easy and tasty foods that would alkalize my body but what really helped my digestive issues was Parisa emphasis of my emotional state (stress level) which was turned out to be the main culprit.

Once I truly took that into consideration and really educated myself through books and other sources about how to distress, my problems simply disappeared.

Parisa was initially instrumental in helping me realize that the mind, body and soul are not mutually exclusive and that they must be balanced in order for one to feel “whole.” This caused me to do some of my own investigation which lead me to my healing.

Thank you Parisa for your compassion and your immense caring for other’s well-being.

With Gratitude,